Educators — They’re just like us! Teams from New York, Georgia, and California celebrate the kick-off of Chapters.

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A creative process that helps you design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community. The toolkit provides you with instructions to explore Design Thinking.

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Discover Design Thinking methods and mindsets to create learner-centered solutions.

Our team is at the intersection of education and design.

The Teachers Guild is a non-profit initiative of Plussed at Riverdale Country School, that is being incubated by IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio. We first collaborated on the creation of the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit.
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Program designer, Educator
Emma Scripps
Ask me about integrating prototypes into lessons.
Community Manager, Educator
Alysha English
Ask me about creative strategies for community building through the arts.
Program Lead, Educator
Larry Corio
Ask me how to use data to figure out what works in your classroom.
Content Strategist, Educator
Adha Mengis
Ask me about designing educational experiences for diverse learners.
Lusmaia Diaz
Ask me how to catalyze school communities to design together.
Molly McMahon
Ask me how to bring diverse perspectives together.
Project Manager
Paloma Nikolic
Ask me how to build support and energy around your ideas.
Advisor, educator
Gaynor Brown
Ask me about using data in the classroom.
Development Consultant
Debbie Fine Edelberg
Ask me how to inspire stakeholders to support education.

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